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About Me


I am Cansu, a game designer and a game artist who has a passion for games and animation. I like to convey this passion by creating characters and stories for games.  My goal is to create games that will bring joy to people and make their day a bit better. To accomplish this I am improving myself every day.

When I am not making games, you can find me playing them. I like playing games on my lil' old PC and Switch. If not with those, I am most likely playing board games with my friends.

My other hobbies include making airclay sculptures, playing the ukulele (poorly) and hanging out with animal friends.



Some achievements 

LevelUp 2023 Mentor and Jury - Mentored the participants throughout the event about game art and game design. Evaluated 37 games at the end of 2 days as a part of the jury committee.

Indieway 2022 Speaker - Presented the game that has been developed and funded in the TechCamp Istanbul event.

Techcamp Istanbul 2022 Winner - Designed and developed a game about misinformation, which has been chosen to be funded by the US Embassy. 

Educathon 2019 Third Place Winner - Designed a mobile AR game for kids to learn about the ecosystem and mathematics.

Global Facebook Community Challenge 2019 MENA Honourable Mention - Designed a filter game in Spark AR.

50 Years of IED Scholarship Competition 2016 Winner - I have proposed an animation short series concept for the competition and have been awarded with a half scholarship by IED Milano for a Master’s in Animation.

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