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Beauty Run

With more than 150k downloads, Beauty Run has gone viral on Tiktok for a brief time.  

In 2022, beauty games and satisfying videos were trending. Nail colouring videos were a hit, so we decided to make a game out of it.

In the first draft of Beauty Run, we had 4 mini games with similar mechanics. Nail colouring, hair cutting, nail cutting and hair colouring. The game was tested and the CPI results were a success, while retention requirements weren't met. After the initial CPI tests, it was clear that people enjoyed the nail colouring the most. So we have decided to take a different approach and change the game mechanics entirely. 

In the second version of Beauty Run, the new mechanic was to collect and paint, while avoiding obstacles. CPI results remained the same while the retention got higher. However, in the process of development the market focus has shifted and we decided not to pursue the game further.

Beauty Run can be found at the AppStore and Google Play.

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