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Hair Salon

Hair Salon was published in March of 2020 on App Store. The cutting and colouring mechanics were new to the hyper casual market, and there weren't any hair dresser games available at that time. We decided to take on the challange and make a hair styling game with cutting and painting mechanics.

For the initial Cpi testing, cutting mechanics were tested. The Cpi results were promising, so it was decided to improve retention by adding more gameplay mechanics to the game. In the next update version the player was able to cut, colour and shampoo the hair. Later on, adding extensions to the hair was also included.

With the additional gameplay mechanics, playtime requirements were met. However, retention expectations were at the peak of industry, and Hair Salon was below average. It was decided that the game would be shelved for the time.


About a year later, we have decided to test Hair Salon again with another publisher. Since the industry was changing rapidly, an updated look of the game was tested for this time. A real time mirror was added to maximise the experience.

Despite having a higher retention this time, the CPI results have also gotten higher. The market focus was shifted to stacking mechanics so we decided not to pursue the game further.

Hair Salon can be found at the AppStore.

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